Based in Calgary, Alberta -- Western Hydrogen Limited is a Canadian company dedicated to the development and commercialization of a new hydrogen manufacturing technology called Molten Salt Gasification. The Molten Salt Gasification process is projected to have significant economic and environmental advantages over current hydrogen manufacturing technologies including lower hydrogen supply costs, maximum feedstock flexibility, significantly lower GHG emissions, high pressure hydrogen production and low cost CO2 capture.

The Molten Salt Gasification process has been under development at the US Department of Energy's Idaho National Laboratory since 2005. Original funding was provided from internal Idaho National Laboratory funds. Once feasibility was shown, commercial funding was sought and obtained from Western Hydrogen Limited. In turn, Western Hydrogen obtained an exclusive license to develop the technology. Subsequently, Western Hydrogen applied for and received funding from Sustainable Development Technology Canada. The total investment in the technology to date is over $12 million.

Pilot & Demonstration Plants

Western Hydrogen Limited completed a 200,000 SCFD pilot plant to prove the operation of the Molten Salt Gasification process on a continuous basis. The pilot plant started operation in mid 2013 is located on industrial land near Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. The pilot plant will provide the data required to enable the construction of a demonstration plant. The demonstration plant is expected to produce on the order of 2 MMSCFD of hydrogen and will be placed on the same location in Alberta as the pilot plant. On September 5th, 2013, Western Hydrogen produced first hydrogen. Currently, baseline testing is being performed and future work will include long-term testing and analysis with various feedstocks.